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We build and refurbish all kinds of swimming pools.

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Our swimming pools extend the boundaries by creating an outdoor living space that reflects the lifestyle

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Is your pool clean?

  • Clean pool water 50% 50%
  • Dirty pool water 50% 50%

Poolcare Basics

The Role of the Pump

The center of the circulation system is the pump. It moves water from the pool and sends it through the filter for removal of any dust, dirt and debris prior to sending it back to the pool.

How long should you run your pump?

Piping size, pool size, swimmer load and the actual pump size all play a role in determining how long you should run your pump.

For the proper time consult Poolware Nelspruit, we can determine, based upon your specific pool, the proper amount of time required to keep your pool clear and clean.

If your pump is not running, the water from your pool is not being properly circulated or filtered. Running the pump and circulating the water is the best way to help prevent problems. 

The Filtration System

The job of the filtration system is to remove any undissolved dirt and debris from the pool water.

While the skimmer basket and the basket in the pump all play a role in the filtering of the pool water,

the primary element of the system is the filter itself. If you backwash sand or DE filters too often,

the filter cannot reach its cleaning potential and you are wasting water. Most filters require backwashing when the

pressure gauge reaches 1.5 bar from clean.

Consult Poolware Nelspruit to understand the role

that the skimmer and pump basket play in keeping your pool clean.

Always consult your owner’s manual for specifics related to the type of filter you have.

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