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Poolside Equipment

Super slide

Available in 4 different sizes:

3m, 3.5m, 4.2m and 4.5m

3m weighs 28kg

3.5m weighs 35kg

4.2m weighs 38kg 

4.5m weighs 45kg

Various costs

Turtle back slide

5.6 Meter 

Weight : 58kg

Seat width: 400mm

Wave Slide

4.2 Meter


Seat width: 400mm 

Spiral Slide


Weight : 120kg

Seat width: 400mm

Green Slide

3.5 Meter


Seat width: 400mm 


(A is the blue slide (bigger one) and B (smaller one) is the yellow slide) 

A.The straight sections, beginnings and endings are 2 100mm each and the curves 2800mm each      

(90 degree), the seat width 700mm and the height of the sides is 300mm. 

This slide can be extended to any length. 

B. The straight  sections’ beginnings and endings are 2100mm each and the curves 2770mm each

(90 degree), the seat width is 460mm and the height of the sides is 200mm.  

This slide can be extended to any length.

Resort slides

Info Above

Kiddies Slides

With water connectors: Fiberglass. 

1.Straight Slide 3m, Fit on  jungle gym 1.5 m 

 Seat 400mm Weight 15.5 kg 

2. Wave Slide 3m: Fit on jungle gym 1.7 m   Seat 400 mm Weight 16.5 kg  New seat sizes: 400mm

Pool Slide

5,0m straight

Fit on steps – 2.7m high

Seat – 350mm

Weight – 32kg

(Steps and support not included)

Pool slide


Weight – 17 kg.

Seat width – 450mm   


Pool Loungers

Pool loungers and poolchair white

Different colours available

Pool table also available

Monster Slide 

Extentions on slides are included in the price.

The Monster slide on the picture is +/- 8 m high and 46m long and built on a 45 degree stand. It is a double racer, 1m wide each of the racers. Tubes are used to slide down into a waterbed. It is required to pump water from a pool facility to the highest point of the construction to create an artificial river. +/- One third of the slide is 45 degree with positive and negative humps running into a flat bed part and end on a breaking rump. Support facilities must be supplied by the customer.

Slide consists of:

Straight section 2.4m

Positive wave 2.8m

Negative wave 2.8m

Start section aprox 1.8m

End section 2.2m

The price per single racer depends on which sections you’d like to use. 

That will also determine the height of the structure.

If the monster slide goes straight into the pool, the end section won’t be necessary. It is there to serve as a stop. Width of each section is 1m


New South African Slides

These are the newest addition to our pride: Denomination: Straight or waved 

Colours:  Royal Blue, Green, Red, Orange

Length:  3m Weight:  15 kg

Manufacture time:  2 days

Delivery costs extra

Delivering time: +/- 8-10 days for normal 3 m slides. If there are stock, immediately.

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