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Bubble Blankets

The solution that every swimming pool deserves.

 Poolware supplies pool-related Eco-Solutions so you can enjoy your pool all year round!

Become part of the drive to save water. Invest in a Bubble Pool Cover now!

Stop Water Loss by up to 98%

With our Bubble Pool Cover you can 

prevent evaporation you no longer have to fill

your pool as often thus saving water!



Lock in the warm water naturally

With our Bubble Pool Cover you can prevent heat

loss to keep your pool naturally warmer for

longer without using a heating system!

And if you use a heating system to warm up your water,

you can turn it down to save power.



Keep your pool sparkling clean

Covering your pool with our Bubble Pool Cover

when not in use prevents foreign matter

from falling into the water. Less cleaning requires

less chemicals and time. It’s a double-bonus saving for you!


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